A nasal fracture is one of the most common results of facial trauma. Whether you got into a physical fight or an accident, a broken nose can lead to a broader spectrum of concerns. The presence of a crack or a break in your nasal structure can cause pain, bruising and swelling in the surrounding areas. Aside from its physical toll, a nasal fracture may also result in functional problems.


Identifying Signs of Broken Nose

The nose is the most noticeable and prominent feature of our face, making it easier to identify any signs of nasal fracture. If you notice any of the following signs and symptoms, it is essential to immediately seek proper guidance and support from a specialist.

  • Pain or tenderness, with or without touching the area.
  • There is a presence of swelling and redness on the nose and its surrounding areas.
  • There is a formation of bruises around the eyes and nose.treat broken nose
  • A crooked nasal bone structure.
  • There is a clear mucous discharge from inside the nose.
  • Blockage in nasal passages.
  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • There is bleeding along the nasal bridge or from its inner parts


First Aid Treatment

If a nose injury happens, a first-aid treatment is essential. It is the first step to implement in order to avoid worsening of the condition. Be sure to take the following steps as soon as the break happens.

  • Breathe through your mouth. To prevent unnecessary bleeding and movement inside your nose, you should act quickly and focus on breathing through your mouth. If there are no injuries on your neck, you can lean forward and pinch the nostrils together. This technique will help reduce the amount of bleeding and prevent blood from draining on your throat.
  • Apply an ice pack. Use cold compress at least four times a day during the first forty-eight hours. This technique is advisable to help reduce swelling. However, avoid adding pressure on the area as it can cause additional damages.
  • Elevate your head. Keep your head up, especially when taking asleep. It can help reduce difficulty in breathing and throbbing sensation.


When to See A Doctor

It would be best to have a doctor check out all suspected nose injuries for proper consultation and treatment. It is necessary to rule out any signs of serious complications. To diagnose your current situation, your doctor will perform a visual assessment to check whether your fracture causes you to have difficulty breathing. Sometimes, an x-ray or CT scan is required to rule out the possibility of a head and neck fracture.


Seeking Emergency Treatment

Immediate medical attention is necessary as soon as you notice any sign of a severe nasal fracture.  A broken nose is a medical emergency if you experience the following:

  • You are having difficulty controlling the bleeding.
  • You cannot breathe well.
  • There is a possibility of a more severe injury in the spine and neck.
  • There is significant drainage of a dark fluid from the nose.
  • The nasal area and its surrounding tissues turn black.
  • Presence of large blood clots.


Treatment Options for Broken Nose

Naturally, a nasal fracture may require little to no treatment. Depending on the severity of your situation, your doctor may recommend home care, manual realignment, or nose surgery.


Home Care

For minor cases, a broken nose will heal by itself after some time. During the recovery period, you should avoid any activities that could lead to straining your facial muscles. While your fracture heals, it is essential to mindful of your movements and prevents getting hit or bumped.


Manual Realignment

If the break on your nasal structure lightly displaces the cartilage and bones along with your nose, your doctor will perform manual realignment. Your doctor will do this treatment option if the injury is not over two weeks from when the fracture began. Also known as closed surgery, a manual realignment procedure does not involve invasive processes and takes only several minutes. During this treatment, the doctor manually opens your nostrils and use specialised instruments to fix any inconsistencies in the nasal structure.

Following the procedure, the doctor places an external nasal splint using a combination of a dressing and packing. In some instances, an internal splint is necessary to ease your breathing. After the treatment heals, the stitches will fade, and minimal scarring occurs.


Nose Surgery

On the other hand, a severe nasal fracture that affects the bony parts of the nose requires a person to undergo nose surgery. This treatment procedure involves the process of realignment and other structural corrections to improve nasal form and function. Experts recommend several nasal reconstructive surgeries if the break significantly affects the nasal septum and overall nose structure.

  • Rhinoplasty. One of the most popular types of plastic surgery is rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job. It is the primary surgical treatment done to fix a broken nose. During a rhinoplasty, the surgeon changes the nose shape by modifying the placement of cartilage and bone to improve nose shape. This type of surgery is perfect for both aesthetic and functional repair.
  • Septoplasty. The septum is the structural division that you can see between your nostrils. Sometimes, when a nasal fracture becomes too severe, it can cause misalignment in the septum. People who have a deviated septum can experience an imbalance of the nasal passage and cause difficulty in breathing. A septoplasty procedure is vital to correct a deviated septum. This surgical procedure works by straightening the septum for better airflow and breathing.


What to Expect After Treatment?

what to expect after surgery for broken noseTreatment for a broken nose usually takes place in less than an hour. After a successful surgical procedure, your doctor will provide some prescription and over-the-counter medications to help fight infection and relieve pain. Before you head home, medical staff will also discuss several reminders and self-care instructions.

Your pain and discomfort should improve within the next seventy-two hours. Although, some people might need more time for complete healing. You need to follow up with your doctor several weeks after your treatment. Based on your improvement, the surgeon may require additional treatment for a better outcome.


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