Since the beginning of time, there have been countless beauty standards that most of us admire and want to achieve. We are not in charge of the way that we look like when we get born, which is why many people seem to be unhappy with their physical appearance. The good thing in today’s technology is the evolution of advanced practices especially in the field of cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery plays a huge role when it comes to reshaping a flat nose bridge as well as other facial concerns.

In recent times, it is already possible for anyone to reconstruct their flat nasal bridge to make it more than their ideal size and shape. Augmentation rhinoplasty, simply called rhinoplasty, is one of the most common plastic surgery procedure that helps improve a person’s looks.


What is a nose bridge?

The nose bridge is found at the top of your nose. It is the bony structure that brings symmetry on our overall appearance. If one has a low nasal bridge or a flat nose bridge, it means that the area above the nose appears to look flat rather than the ideal protruding type. Everyone has a distinct degree of flatness, and it all depends on a number of reasons.


Flat Nasal Bridge: An Overview

To rebalance the nasal bridge has been one of the most sought-after plastic surgery procedures. Aside from raising a flat nose bridge, several cosmetic treatments focus on the nose area because it is found at the center of our face. This means that even the most minor changes that we make on our nose would dramatically affect our overall appearance.


Flat nose bridge from childhood to adulthood

A person’s appearance cannot be identified during the infant stages. This is normal since some features may still be underdeveloped. Over time, a child will acquire their actual appearance and will reveal its distinctive characteristics. A child’s facial features will continue to develop and become more prominent as they continue to grow.

A flat nose bridge does not affect or impair breathing. If you or your child has a low nasal bridge, there are several reasons why it is possible. At most cases, it all depends on genetics.


What factors may affect nose bridge appearance

A flat nose bridge may be a symptom of an underlying cause. Usually, it can be diagnosed shortly after birth and can be noticeable during the early stages of childhood. Some of these underlying causes include heredity, genetic disorders, infectious diseases, or birth defects.


Flat nose bridge caused by heredity

surgery flat nose bridgeOne of the main reasons why someone has a flat nose bridge comes down to their roots. Most Asian races are known to acquire flatter nasal bridges than the others. These genes are passed down and determine a child’s physical features.


Flat nose bridge caused by genetic disorders

Genes are passed from parents to their child. If an abnormal gene is transferred, it could cause genetic disorders. These types of disorders are not curable. A low or flat nasal bridge can be a symptom for the following genetic disorders:

  • Cleidocranial dysostosis
  • Williams syndrome
  • Down syndrome


Flat nose bridge caused by birth defects

A birth defect called fetal alcohol syndrome can result in a flat nasal bridge. This happens when the mother drinks alcohol during the course of pregnancy. There is a higher chance to develop this birth defect when the mother happens to drink alcoholic beverages during her first trimester. A child with this birth defect may develop facial abnormality aside from other deficiencies.


Flat nose bridge caused by infectious diseases

An acquired infection such as congenital syphilis can cause a flat nose bridge. It is a sexually transmitted infection that is possible to be passed to the child during pregnancy. This can also be contracted by the child as it passes through the vaginal canal.


How can a flat nose bridge be repaired?

If you are interested in fixing a flat nose bridge or know someone who does, plastic surgery is your best treatment option. You can talk to your plastic surgeon about your desired nose shape and size, and they will discuss with you all the necessary information.


Rhinoplasty in Melbourne

At our clinic, you can reshape and modify your nose to nicely fit your facial features. We have one of the best teams of cosmetic surgeons with years of expertise in the field of plastic surgery. We offer you an affordable procedure that will bring both aesthetic and functional benefits for a more confident, visually-appealing version of you!

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