When thinking about improving the size, shape, and angle of your nose, how do you imagine the surgeon doing the correction? Is he inserting implants? Is he cutting some skin to make your nose smaller? Is he injecting some filler of sorts? Could he be breaking your nasal bone and patching them up to restructure the insides of your nose? Here is a clear picture of how rhinoplasty is performed and how your doctor will manipulate your nasal structures, like your nasal bone to improve your overall facial profile.


Rhinoplasty procedure 101

We all have different nasal features, so to think that there is a standard rhinoplasty surgery is impossible. Under general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia with sedation, there are many ways a rhinoplasty surgeon can perform your nose job. It may strongly depend on your needs and preference, but they follow two main techniques. The closed technique is done by creating incisions inside the nose. No cuts of scars will be expected after this rhinoplasty technique since all the wounds are concealed inside your nose. The open technique, on the other hand, uses the same incision with an additional external cut on the lower base of your nose, just in between your nostrils. This part, called the columella, releases a side of the nose to make it easier for the surgeon to visualise the internal structures for manipulation. This is the method preferred by surgeons whose patients need extensive modification of the nasal profile. The only downside of an open technique is that it leaves a scar near the top of your lip (where columella is). But will proper wound care, expect that the scar will fade as time passes.


Nasal bone modification: Is it really necessary?

rhinoplasty resultsNow that you at least know about how the plastic surgeon will access the internal structures of your nose, you may begin to wonder what he is going to do to achieve your nasal improvement. It is difficult to explain how your doctor will perform your whole rhinoplasty surgery. He may remove excess skin ad cartilage on your nose to reshape it according to your specifications. He can also insert implants or transplanted cartilage to your nose to reconstruct the shape and angle that he aims for your nose. And yes, he may break your nasal bone so as to ensure that the correction is on the right path.


Why is it a big deal if your nasal bone is going to be broken during rhinoplasty?

The mere fact that people are making such a huge deal about nasal bone manipulation just shows how little they know about the cosmetic procedure. They think that breaking the nasal bone is the cause of pain after the rhinoplasty surgery. They also think that breaking the nose is not the best way to go since it will cause more swelling and a longer recovery period.


Why does a surgeon need to break my nasal bones?

If you think that rhinoplasty surgery is a simple, minor procedure, think again. During this delicate procedure, you can expect that, possibly, almost the whole nose bone structure will be manipulated in order to achieve your dream look. Whether it entails breaking your nasal bone or not, it is up to your plastic surgeon if the need to fracture it is included in the surgery. And believe me, if you chose an expert rhinoplasty surgeon and you trust his experience, he has all the good reasons for doing so.  Here are just some of the known reasons why your rhinoplasty surgery requires breaking your nasal bone.


It removes the nasal hump

Notice that annoying bump on your nose bridge. That is called a dorsal hump. To remove that, your plastic surgeon has to shave off part of the nasal bone.

nasal bone assessment

Breaking the nasal bone prevents the nose from looking wide

Once the part of the nose bone structure is removed, the lower part needs to be chiselled out and broken down a bit to adjust the shape. If not, the nose bone structure will look like an ‘open roof’ and would make your nose look wider than before. By fracturing them, the doctor can restructure the bones and create a more delicate and protruded profile, making the finished product look straighter and proportioned to your facial profile.


It corrects fracture caused by trauma

Yes, you read it right. To correct a fracture, either from an accident or a deviated septum, the surgeon has to fracture your nose bone structure again so he can manipulate the pieces and correct the position and look of your nose. Realigning your fractured nose can improve your nasal function and make your nasal profile look straighter.


In undergoing rhinoplasty surgery, the best advice we can give you is to choose the rhinoplasty surgeon suitable for your needs. If you choose a surgeon who shares the same aesthetics and has a reputation to perform flawless nasal procedures, you can put your whole trust in his hands. This will make it easier for you to accept that whatever step he takes during the procedure, it is aimed to achieve your nasal profile that suits your face. Not the perfect nose, but the nasal profile that is just perfect for you.

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