Cosmetic surgery has undergone limitless advancements and improvement in the past years, and surgical rhinoplasty cannot be excluded. Several techniques and approaches have been introduced to the market to address the individual needs and preference of the consumer. As one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, rhinoplasty in Melbourne has been the top procedure to effectively enhance one’s facial profile. Many cosmetic clinics are now offering a less invasive nose job – the non surgical rhinoplasty. But what is it really?

Non surgical rhinoplasty is a temporary nose reshaping procedure that uses dermal fillers injected to the part of the nose that you want to enhance. It is preferred by clients as a ‘preliminary test’ to see how their nose would look when it undergoes rhinoplasty. The dermal fillers are made with substances that are naturally found in the body, making it biocompatible and non-toxic, like Calcium hydroxylapatite (Radiesse) or hyaluronic acid that mimic the shape and form of the nose, making it look more natural. The effect of the non surgical rhinoplasty can last for 6-12 months, depending on the dermal filler type and the amount you would need to achieve your ideal nasal profile and shape.

Why undergo non surgical rhinoplasty?


There are many reasons why someone would prefer getting a non surgical nose job than the permanent and surgical one. While not all nasal problems can be solved by the non surgical nose reshaping procedure, it can work around some of the most common nasal deformities, like nasal deviations, and nasal bridge prominence.

Surgical versus non surgical rhinoplasty

Although it is still safe to say that undergoing surgical open or closed rhinoplasty is still the gold standard in enhancing your nasal profile, having non surgical rhinoplasty also has its perks. We have listed down some of their differences and what makes non surgical rhinoplasty a better option for you.

  • No scars. Non surgical rhinoplasty does not need any incisions; it is done by injecting the dermal filler onto the nose. This makes the whole procedure less prone to scarring.
  • Faster recovery time. Also called a ’15-minute nose job’, this temporary nose enhancement can be done during your lunch break. Unlike the surgical rhinoplasty where you have to take a few days off, you can easily come to work the next day with a more beautiful and enhanced nose.
  • It is less painful. Because the dermal fillers are only injected into the nose and no incisions are made, the pain will also be less. Some clients may complain of facial puffiness immediately after but, other than that, they can go ahead with their normal daily activities without any pain complaint.
  • It is temporary. If you are still undecided in getting a permanent surgical nose reshaping and you are just curious about how your nose would look if enhanced, then non surgical rhinoplasty is for you! The effects of the procedure will only last half a year or so, and this will give you ample amount of time to be sure if you want to get a permanent one while already enjoying having a beautifully-enhanced

Non surgical rhinoplasty has been used for many years and has been tried-and-tested as an effective alternative to a surgical nose job. Clear and realistic expectations about how your nose would look and its proportion to your facial profile should always be put in mind so that your beauty enhancement would still look natural and effortless. It is important to allow your cosmetic surgeon to work with you in planning and achieving that realistic goal safely and satisfyingly.

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