There are many reasons why people wanted to have rhinoplasty surgery. They want to undergo this cosmetic procedure because they want to reshape their nose, have encountered an accident that damaged their nose, or they have a medical condition that a rhinoplasty can solve, among other things. But their primary goal is to look and feel good about themselves. The problem is, rhinoplasty is very expensive in Australia. So what do they do? They seek the affordable procedures like the nose job Thailand offers.


Nose job Thailand: What does it do?

As mentioned earlier, nose jobs can address many issues with regard to the nose’s appearance and function. Depending on the type of rhinoplasty procedure you would want to undergo, a plastic surgeon can enhance or improve

  • The size of your nose in relation to your face
  • The width of the nose at the bridge
  • The shape, size, and positioning of the nostrils
  • Asymmetrical appearance
  • The condition of any breathing or sleeping disorders (to treat and correct a deviated septum and improve breathing and air flow for patients with sleep apnoea.)



Nose job Thailand: How is it performed?

The rhinoplasty procedure in Thailand is nowhere different from that of the rhinoplasty performed in Australia. The only differences patients can observe would rely on the expertise and reputation of the surgeon, the materials used for the aesthetic surgery (fillers, implants, etc.), and the strict safety details set by each surgical professional, either in Thailand or Australia. Other than that, the same procedure and steps in performing the surgery are just the same.


Nose job Thailand: How much is it?

Now, if they say that the rhinoplasty procedure being offered at home is the same as the nose job Thailand has, then why is it more preferred? The nose job Thailand simply is more affordable. Imagine getting your rhinoplasty surgery in Australia with a price ranging from $8000 to $20000! A nose job in Thailand, however, can only cost you $1000 to $11000. That is a great deal considering that they are the same aesthetic procedure, just from different locations.


Nose job Thailand: How can it be affordable?

Most plastic surgery clinics claim that their cost of living in Thailand is much lower than in Australia. Their procedures are also paid for in Thai Baht, so foreign currency conversion or exchange rates affect the rate of the procedure. These cosmetic surgery establishments and specialists may list more reasons why their procedures are easy on the budget, but they would claim that the quality of their work will not be sacrificed.


Nose job Thailand: Is it worth it?

Getting your nose fixed here or abroad can have its downsides, meaning risks and unwanted complications. One must really think about and weigh the consequences of having a cosmetic surgery procedure before pushing through with it either here at home or in a foreign medical tourism destination. The only thing that you should prioritise first is your safety. Ensuring that you will receive high-quality services and materials for your cosmetic surgery to be performed by an expert surgeon gives you that sense of comfort and security that you are in good hands throughout your beautiful journey.

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