What kinds of nose shapes can be fixed by rhinoplasty? Are you feeling a little self-conscious because of the shape of your nose? If you are looking on the internet for the answer, you have found it. This article will talk about how rhinoplasty surgery can help fix the shape of a person’s nose.


What Nose Shapes Can Be Corrected By Rhinoplasty?

If a person wants to change the shape of their nose, they can have a nose job. Here is a list of the possible nose shapes that people can have changed.

A Hump on the Bridge of the Nose

nose shapesThis is one of the most common issues people may have with their noses. Rhinoplasty can be used to remove the hump on their nose and make the nasal bridge look flatter and smoother.

Crooked or Asymmetrical Nose

If a person has a crooked nose or a nose that does not look the same on both sides, a nose job can also fix this problem. The surgeon can work to fix the nose and make it symmetrical.

Pointy Nose

A pointy nose can be fixed using a nose job as well. Other nose shapes such as a pinched nose. A nose job will manipulate and change the nose shape and make it the desired shape the patient will ask for.

Bulbous Nose

A nose job will change a bulbous nose shape by removing some of the cartilage that is on the nose to make it smaller.


Final Thoughts

If you are unhappy with the shape of your nose, you can find a skilled surgeon to help you. A nose job is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries and it will help you change the way your nose looks. Talk to your doctor to find out how nose shapes can be enhanced by a nose job.

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