Rhinoplasty can make the nose larger or smaller; adjust the angle of the nose in relation to the upper lip; modify the tip of the nose; correct bumps, indentations, or other imperfections in the nose. However, you should still know what to expect about your rhinoplasty before and after the procedure. Here are some tips on what to look forward to and what to anticipate with regard to your rhinoplasty before and after the surgery.


Rhinoplasty Before And After: Be realistic when managing your expectations

Both you and your surgeon would like to get the best satisfaction that you can get from any cosmetic surgery procedure. Your criteria for a successful rhinoplasty surgery may be different from that of your surgeon. It is then imperative that your expectations should be aligned with how your surgeon sees your surgery. I think this is the single most important thing to remember when undergoing any kind of cosmetic surgery. You have to manage your expectations because this is where surgery results can go very wrong. For instance, your surgeon must be very clear when assuring his patients that his key objective is to ensure that my nose still suited your face. It is risky to go in and ask for “a celebrity nose,” or to look like one because you expect that you could emulate someone else. Surgery is about enhancing what you already have to be suitable for your own body, not giving you something new altogether. To make your enhancement look natural, you want something that is going to be in proportion with your other features and work in agreement with them. This should be the overall goal and you and your surgeon should agree and aspire to achieve.


Rhinoplasty Before And After: You cannot have a perfect nose

rhinoplasty surgeryMotivating yourself to strive and achieve perfection is another commonly anticipated catastrophe when it comes to cosmetic surgery. And believe us when we say that this is unsafe. Because, quite honestly, perfection may be a great goal, but it does not exist. If you make every effort to attempt in achieving a “perfect nose”, then you are regrettably going to be setting yourself up for disappointment. As mentioned earlier, your surgeon must guide you in aiming for a nose that works in a better balance with the rest of your face. Remember, rhinoplasty before and after the procedure should not be about anyone else — the changes you are planning to undergo is about you!


Rhinoplasty Before And After: Do your own research

I cannot reiterate this fact enough. In order to feel at ease that you are in good hands and are going to get the natural result you want, you have to make sure that you have carried out plenty of research. Yes, a personal recommendation always helps, especially is they bare from a family member, close friend, or confidante. Knowing someone and asking about their experience and getting a word-of-mouth referral makes it easier for you to see the living, breathing, walking, talking results of the surgery for yourself. At least you have a piece of baseline information about how good the surgeon is or how effective the surgery was. And if you do not know anyone who underwent nose job surgery before, Google it. Many surgeons and cosmetic clinic websites have reviews online with rhinoplasty before and after pictures, and if you cannot find them, be certain that you ask the surgeon for some portfolio of their work when you visit their office. Don’t be terrified to ask questions and don’t feel stressed to rush into decision making. Remember, this is a life-changing choice, and everything about the rhinoplasty surgery has to feel right for you. Some patients waited for years before going ahead with their rhinoplasty surgery, some even opted for the nonsurgical type first before deciding to get the permanent one. Give yourself ample amount of time to really think about whether it was something you truly wanted to do.


Rhinoplasty Before And After: Accept you need time to recover

rhinoplasty resultsHere is another essential piece of advice. While rhinoplasty is, first and foremost, an elective cosmetic surgery, it still can entail the same complications and risks that typical surgery procedures have. You may most likely be in a lot of pain after the surgery. You will have swelling and bruising along the nose and eye areas. Your surgeon would then advise you to spend two weeks off work following the surgery. Spend time resting and recuperating gradually so that further complications or elevation of symptoms can be prevented.


Rhinoplasty Before And After: Have patience when waiting for your results

In any given surgical procedure, it really takes time to heal properly. While the results of some cosmetic surgeries are instant, rhinoplasty is a bit different. Most surgery procedures may exhibit their final results after two to three weeks, but with rhinoplasty surgery, swelling and bruising can mask the final result for a more extended period of time. For example, a rhinoplasty procedure bears a lot of swelling and bruising with it, and you can expect it to become a drag as time passes. While most of the inflammation went down by the one-month mark, it is expected that it could take at least six months to a year before a patient starts to see the final result. In other words, be patient, and if you did everything according to what your reliable cosmetic surgeon advises you, then your waiting will not be in vain!

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