When it comes to improving your facial profile, there is no denying that rhinoplasty is almost always part of the choices for top cosmetic surgery procedures that you will most likely prefer. Because of its popularity and reputation as a relatively safe and effective facial cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty is considered the most popular facial surgery in the world. And because we all have different needs and preferences, doctors and scientists alike are coming up with different ways on how to perform and offer rhinoplasty that would suit everyone’s nasal condition. Here is where nonsurgical rhinoplasty procedures enter the picture. But what is its difference with the surgical nose job? Let us discover everything that you need to know so you can correctly choose between surgical or nonsurgical rhinoplasty.


Rhinoplasty: What can it do to my nose?

Is there still anyone who would still ask ‘what is rhinoplasty?’ I assume that since this is a very popular and widely used cosmetic surgery procedure, everyone would at least know that it is a nose reshaping surgery. The more acceptable question for curious people would be, ‘what can rhinoplasty do for me?’ Here are some of the improvements or changes that a nose job can do for your facial profile

  • nonsurgical rhinoplastyIt can straighten the nose
  • It can remove the bump on the nose bridge (dorsal hump)
  • It can narrow or reduce the size of your nostrils
  • It can re-angle your nose to make it look straighter and more proportioned
  • It can make the nasal tip look smaller and less emphasised
  • It can correct medical conditions like a deviated septum, sleep apnoea, and congenital disabilities


Nonsurgical vs surgical rhinoplasty: What’s the difference?

While there are many people who are willing to go under the knife just to achieve their dream look, there are still some who are a bit hesitant to undergo the complicated post-surgery journey. This is where nonsurgical rhinoplasty becomes beneficial for them. Let us discover the difference between the two rhinoplasty options.



The surgical rhinoplasty has two types of techniques: the closed method, where all the incisions are located inside the nose, and the open method that uses the same internal incisions but includes an external one located in between the nostrils at the lower base of the nose. These incisions allow the surgeon to fully visualise and manipulate the internal structures of the nose to achieve the proportional change you wanted to achieve.

On the other hand, nonsurgical rhinoplasty earned the name liquid or injection rhinoplasty because of the procedure it follows. The cosmetic doctor assesses the profile of the nose and, using dermal fillers, injects a sufficient amount to the nose bridge and other specific parts of the nose that needs reshaping.



rhinoplasty procedureUndergoing surgical rhinoplasty may take around 2 to hours to complete, and the post-surgical recovery period can last for a few weeks to months. Some would even report that they can still experience pain and discomfort six months after the surgery. Meanwhile, because nonsurgical rhinoplasty does not utilise any cuts or invasive manipulations of the nose, no recovery period is needed. In fact, it also gained the name lunchbreak nose job, because patents who underwent this nonsurgical nose job can return to work after spending half to an hour in the doctor’s office; it’s like taking an out-of-office lunch!


Post-procedure side effects

Because surgical rhinoplasty is an invasive procedure, there are several complications and post-operative side effects that a patient can experience. Complaints of tenderness, difficulty breathing, swelling, bruising, and pain may be very common. However, rest assured that your surgeon will prescribe medications to alleviate these symptoms and make your recovery manageable.

Although injection nose job is non-invasive, you can still feel and see some side effects from the procedure, including some slight bruising around the nose and eyes, swelling, difficulty breathing, nasal congestion, and some tenderness. These complaints may last for a few days or weeks, but they are certainly nothing compared to those undergoing surgery.



In Australia, you can expect that the surgical rhinoplasty can cost you between $7000 to $15000, and they all depend on the expertise of the surgeon, the geographic location where you want the surgery to take place, the extent of revision that you need, and the reason for having the rhinoplasty. On the other hand, nonsurgical nose job can be considered a very inexpensive option compared to the surgical one. Ranging from $900 to $2000 per session, it definitely is more affordable. However, be aware that nonsurgical rhinoplasty effects can last you for months to a year at most, so there is a tendency for you to repeat the procedure at least annually.



rhinoplasty resultsReading the earlier mentioned effects of surgical nose job may have you think twice about your eagerness to undergo this option. However, if you are dreaming of having a permanent improvement and enhancement of your nose, then this is the procedure for you. Yes, it may take at least 6 months before you fully appreciate the effects of the procedure, but if you chose a reliable surgeon, like the ones at Rhinoplasty Melbourne Cost, we would make sure that your wait is really worth it.

As mentioned earlier, the effects of nonsurgical or injection rhinoplasty are short-lived. It may last for months to half a year at most, so if you are satisfied with the effect and you want to maintain it, your rhinoplasty surgeon may either recommend undergoing another injection or push through with the surgery. Moreover, liquid rhinoplasty is only intended for temporary aesthetic purposes; it cannot correct any structural or medical conditions of the nose. If these are the reasons why you would want to have a nose job, then we suggest that you inquire about the surgical nose job instead.


Surgical and nonsurgical rhinoplasty procedures have been used for many years and have been tried-and-tested to be effective facial cosmetic surgery options. Before deciding and undergoing any of these two nose job choices, you must have clear and realistic expectations about how your nose would look. Your nasal proportion to your facial profile should always be put in mind as well so that your beauty enhancement would still look natural and effortless. It is important to allow your cosmetic surgeon, like the ones here at Rhinoplasty Melbourne Cost, to work with you in planning and achieving that realistic goal safely and satisfyingly.


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